JUNE 20TH, 2020

So … I graduated!! After these past years of studying at Conservatorium Maastricht I’m happy to say that I graduated my bachelor degree with a 10 with distinction from the jury (cum laude) playing Bloch’s breathtakingly beautiful Suite 1919!

I’m incredibly grateful to my teacher Julia Dinerstein, my co-repetitor Anastasia Goldberg and my parents for their guidance, patience and support!

Now on to more adventures, new repertoire, new experiences and the next chapter! Exciting times ahead!


MARCH 23RD, 2019

I had a wonderful time making music, here in Norway, with great musicians of the MiN Ensemble! It has been fantastic to work on Bloch and Schumann with the pianist Dimitris Kostopoulos and a lot of fun to prepare the Passacaglia together with Øivind Nussle. It has been great to be welcomed so warmly by everyone of the MiN Ensemble! I have been loving every minute of my time here. Hopefully I can come back sometime in the future to make music with all of you again!

Dimitris Kostopoulos, Kaat, Hans-Urban Andersson and
Øivind Nussle
Øivind Nussle and Kaat
Looking forward to my recital with the MiNensemblet in the
Sjømannskirka in Narvik (Norway) on the 20th of March at 1pm.