APRIL 12TH, 2023

I’d like to warmly invite you to come and join me for my final master recital on May 19th, 2023 at 5pm in the Conservatoriumzaal of Amare in The Hague! Free entrance! It would be wonderful to see you there!
What is music to life? What is life to music? What stories sound in one’s last breath?
This programme marks the end of an era. For me, the end of my master studies. This programme stands for endings, and paying homage to them. A memento mori.
Which marks, which scars have stood the test of time and made their mark on their life’s work? Uncovering the enigmas behind the person, unveiling them in their rawest human emotion.
A programme representing the music of a life, in many shapes and forms, with a breathtaking retrospective narrative full of emotion and insights. May I be the storyteller that guides you through?

APRIL 11TH, 2023

Excited to have been invited to take part in the Møn Sommerkoncert Masterclass & Festival Ensemble in Denmark this upcoming July! Looking forward to a week full of chamber music, masterclasses, rehearsal, performing and simply the joy of making music!

MARCH 31ST, 2023

Absolutely over the moon to have finished my master research and its presentation today with a mark of 9,7! ✨
Many thanks to everyone who supported me during the process of writing and creating! An enormously satisfying experience (and amount of work) written over the past two years of my studies, which is also strongly connected to the aspect of performing the repertoire! The programme I created in connection to this research is a solo viola recital with works by Bach, Hindemith and Reger and I’d like to warmly invite you to attend any of the concerts mentioned below to experience it! For anyone interested in the research, and how I uncover the enigma of Bach as inspiration for Hindemith, and in concert translate this into metaphors, the research will be published on the website of the Research Catalogue sometime during the upcoming months.
For more information about the concerts, click here!



As we’re in the middle of gloomy day season,
it’s time for well-wishing for the seasons to come
That love and happiness may follow you wherever you are
That dreams may come true as if they were a wish upon a star
I hope you’ll get joy out of the little things and enjoy the road that takes you to whatever it brings
A magical Christmas and a sparkling New Year!

JUNE 10TH, 2021

Delighted to announce that in September I’ll be starting my master studies with Mikhail Zemtsov at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague! I’m very excited for this new chapter and looking forward to continue to grow as a musician and a person! Now on to a summer filled with music-making which is always (but especially after a year like this) a joy to prepare for and look forward to!